Welcome to Indian Theological Association

Indian Theological Association (ITA) founded in 1976 is an open FORUM of Catholic theologians of India to engage in theological discourses to develop an Indian/Asian Christian theology which embodies the struggles and hopes of Indians/Asians. It fosters research in spheres of religion and society. It empowers Indian Theologians to do contextual theological discourses in Indian/Asian paradigms and praxes in the wider global scenario. The ITA is an inclusive platform in the sense that scholars, social activists, thinkers, religious leaders of all faiths are participants and partners in the sadhana of developing an Indian/Asian theology so that Jesus’ Gospel of “Fullness of Life” (Jn 10:10) gets ‘roots’ and ‘wings’ in the Asian journey towards the Reign of God.



A historical overview of the Indian Theological Association reveals that the ITA has multiple roots or sources like the iconic Indian mythical banyan tree. In the words of the founder of the ITA, J. Constantine Manalel, the ITA is a collective of various movements initiated at various points of time namely, “Theology Centre”(1950 – 1980), "All-Kerala Student League"(1952), "All-Kerala Teachers Guild"(1954), "Theology Course for Laity"(1961), "Jeevadhara"(1971), "Jeevadhara Theological Society"(1974). Indian Theological Association which was founded in 1976 by a band of committed theologians, was thus the organic realization of the afore said various movements. In the course of time the vision of ITA had been a catalyst for initiating the movements like “Model Village"(1990) and “Socio- Religious Research Centre"(2001).